Community Living Six Nations “Ronatahskats” is a non-profit organization serving adults 18 years and older who have an intellectual disability and live on Six Nations Reserve.

Community Living Six Nations “Ronatahskats” is committed to providing unique supports that ensure the empowerment of our First Nation adults who have an intellectual disability to strive for inclusion.

Every First Nation person with an intellectual disability will live an
inclusive life.

Community Living Six Nations “Ronatahskats" began as a grassroots organization. It was formerly known as Six Nations Special Services for Special People and was introduced at a Native Social Action Forum sponsored by the Six Nations/New Credit Community Services Committee in September 1980.

In 2007 Six Nations Special Services for Special People joined Community Living Ontario and at that time the name was changed to what it is today - 'Community Living Six Nations Ronatahskats

Our logo was designed by the Powless Family.

The turtle represents mother earth, living together, the circle of life.

The Eagle protects all living on mother earth.

The people is living amongst all, helping one another.

The house is like the longhouse. It represents community, homes, work and all that community involves.

The river is Six Nations along the Grand River.

The four colours represent the medicine wheel and the human race. Haudenosaunee is people of the Longhouse.

Community Living Six Nations Ronatahskats strives to help the adults who access our services to achieve their dreams and goals. This is done by using personal outcome measures and ensuring that the voices of the people we support are heard. Depending on what help people are looking for determines which program or programs they participate in.